A little about me

Marsha Hall Coaching

Life Coach

A bit of history…… I used to work for a very large market research company before taking a leap of faith and starting my own bespoke shoemaking business.

Going back to college to learn the skills and then everyday after that was a school day…learning and working one to one with customers. The business moulded around what people were wanting. Which was a very different direction to what I had envisaged originally. Looking back, that’s where I think my real interest in people started, what were their needs? that sense of helping make a difference in someone’s life.

Sadly I had to stop shoemaking due to pains in my hands and shoulder but it taught me a lot both in business and relating to people. I turned to a coach to help me get some focus and direction as I was procrastinating and going around in circles until I wore a hole in the carpet! (not literally I might add.The carpet is still intact) What a difference that made!

Latterly, starting and running a mobile drinks business using quirky vehicles (including a vintage bus and milk floats) whilst also comanaging a beautiful independent coffee shop, learning British Sign language and training to be a life coach all at the same time.

I love learning and I love helping people. I also have a very positive and cheerful outlook. I believe if you want something badly enough then there will be a way. I get a massive buzz from helping others feel great about themselves and their achievements.

After my first session with Marsha, I was confident that at the end of my time with her I’d have a clear and methodical way of working it out. My expectations were far exceeded, and for the first time in my adult life, I now know what I want to do with it!

Marsha worked with me to organise the thoughts I was having and asked all the right questions to encourage me to dig a little deeper. Aside being approachable, friendly, and a joy to work with, I can say with total confidence that Marsha helped me to decide something I’ve spent a large part of my life contemplating.

Thank you Marsha, I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you.


Marsha has been very impactful in our coaching sessions. I came to Marsha as I needed to get more motivated with my fitness after lockdown and she has been incredibly helpful, encouraging and supportive. I have always looked forward to our sessions as Marsha makes each session fun and we laugh a lot, which makes the whole experience very enjoyable.

Marsha has great empathy and you feel that she totally understands and is there with you, every step of the way!


I have been trying to cope with frustrations I have at work for months and Marsha helped me identify the reason why I was never committed to goals I was setting up so far. She asked me good questions, when some doubts were coming up she brought me back to the benefit of managing to work less which was a great motivation to keep going.

Most importantly when I realised the reason why I never managed to stick with my goals I started to be judgmental with myself, her kindness and compassion helped me a lot to accept and move forward!

Thank you Marsha.


Marsha asked me clear and direct questions and they were all purposeful to help me establish what I wanted to achieve.

I would recommend Marsha to anyone who finds themselves stuck in making a decision or trying to move forward with something in their life.”